How to get a Work Permit in South Africa

If you’re a contractor from outside South Africa looking to work in South Africa, you will need a work permit to enter the country. Getting a work permit in South Africa requires sponsorship from a local employer, and if you change employer, your work permit must also be changed. This can make getting a South Africa work permit very difficult for contractors, because they usually work on short contracts and change employers frequently. We can help software developers, IT project managers, oil and gas workers, business analysts and a variety of other contractors find South Africa sponsorship through an umbrella company.

Getting a South Africa Work Permit

The most difficult aspect of getting a work permit in South Africa for contractors is finding a stable sponsor throughout the period of your stay. The level of administrative work required to change your work permit when you change clients can eat into your working time and cause you undue stress. We can set you up with umbrella companies to help you function as an independent contractor with minimal admin.

Umbrella companies serve as your employer but in reality allow you to function as a contractor. They collect payments from your clients, calculate and pay your taxes, social security and any other fees and then send the remainder to you. These companies understand the tax system so you get to keep more of your hard-earned money. They can also provide South Africa sponsorship services to contractors, making it easier to get a work permit and saving you hassle changing it with each new client. These factors make umbrella companies the best option for independent contractors looking for a South Africa work permit.

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Benefits of Umbrella Companies for South Africa Sponsorship

The main benefit of using an umbrella company for your South Africa sponsorship is the opportunity to choose assignments freely. This is integral to contracting, allowing you to operate independently and not end up tied to any specific client. As well as this, your net earnings will be on average more than twice that of an equivalent permanent employee, and the company’s knowledge of local tax law means you get to keep more of your money. Finally, your spouse will also be covered by the sponsorship, and you can move any dependents into the country with you. This means that your South Africa work permit doesn’t have to separate you from your family.

How We Help With South Africa Sponsorship

We have a detailed database of all of the umbrella companies in South Africa and know all about the different options in terms of pay structure, services offered and different skill sets covered. Our expertise ensures that you can find the perfect umbrella company for your needs. We offer reliable and jargon-free advice, and aim to respond to any enquiries promptly. If you’re looking to get a work permit in South Africa, get in touch with us! Our service is absolutely free, and we are dedicated to helping you find the right provider for your needs.

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