How to Work in Malaysia

Finding work in a different country can be a time consuming and difficult process. If you’re not a citizen of Malaysia hoping to work in Malaysia, you have to be “sponsored” by an employer. This basically means that you need a local employer to say that they intend to employ you for the duration of your stay in the country. For ordinary, permanent employees, this means that finding an employer is the main issue. Contractors have a greater challenge finding sponsorship because they are unlikely to be employed by one company for the duration of their stay. We can help IT project managers, business analysts, oil and gas workers, software developers, telecommunications contractors and a variety of other freelancers get sponsorship to work in Malaysia.

Getting Jobs in Malaysia

For most employees, finding jobs in Malaysia is essentially like finding a job anywhere else. You can search on job websites or apply through the employers directly. Most recruiters in Malaysia look for niche skills in areas such as IT, finance and telecommunications, and some UK recruiters also advertise roles in Malaysia looking for skilled employees. This is the simplest way to find work in Malaysia because the employers will handle all of the necessary admin.

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Employers will sponsor work permits in Malaysia for employees taking a permanent job. They will also handle your payments and sort out your taxes for you, ensuring all of the relevant social security contributions are made. Most employers will have a good understanding of the process of finding a work permit, although it may take some time to be processed. If you are from inside Malaysia, you won’t need a work permit for jobs in Malaysia. In return for the generally high tax in Malaysia, there is a higher safety net from social security, meaning that you will be well looked after if you lose your job.

Contracting in Malaysia

Contractors don’t usually have a stable employer, so this process is much more difficult for those looking to do contracting in Malaysia. The main two things you will need is some advice on the local tax system and a work permit if you are from a non-Malaysia country. This can take up a lot of your time and entail a lot of administrative work before you even start to work in Malaysia.

If you are from within Malaysia, you need to ensure that you can still pay taxes outside of Malaysia or that you understand how to pay your tax in Malaysia. This can be different for contractors with different earnings, risk levels and those in different scenarios. We can help to set you up with an umbrella company who can handle all of these issues for you.

Any contractors from outside Malaysia will also need to secure work permits in Malaysia. Our umbrella companies can sponsor you and get you a work permit. Additionally, if you have a work permit for the UK, we can help you use it to complete contracting jobs in Malaysia. No matter where you’re from, we can help IT contractors set up for work in Malaysia. These services are handled through one of many umbrella companies.

How Umbrella Companies Help With Contracting in Malaysia

Umbrella companies shield you from the rain of administrative work and legal compliance by serving as an employer whilst still allowing you to operate as an independent contractor. Technically speaking, you would be employed by the company, but in reality you still have freedom to choose projects and manage your own workload. The company will invoice your client or the recruitment agency you are working through, calculate your taxes, social security payments and any other fees, and then process the payment to you as soon as they receive it.

These companies also save many non-Malaysia contractors from having to find work permits in Malaysia. Contractors can use the umbrella company as a stable employer, who can sponsor them for a work permit and give them the freedom to change clients without changing their work permit accordingly. If you work through an umbrella company, they will use their knowledge of local tax law to ensure that you receive the highest proportion of your income possible and that you comply with regulations. All you have to do is give them your time-sheets and they will claim your money, deduct taxes and other fees and then process the payment to you. You’ll also get tax receipts and pay slips for your personal files.

How We Help You Find Work in Malaysia

We have an in-depth knowledge of all umbrella companies in Malaysia and we can ensure you are set up with the right company for your needs. Various companies cover different specializations, offer different services and have different payment structures. Our expertise ensures that you don’t waste any of your time fruitlessly searching for the best option. We know all about the companies, and we can offer you some options based on your specific circumstances.

If you have any questions about the umbrella companies available, or about jobs in Malaysia, we give reliable, accurate advice and always aim to respond to all queries quickly. We also do this at no cost whatsoever to you, so save yourself some time and get in touch with us!

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