Placing Candidates in Peru

We help recruiters who are placing candidates in Peru to reduce the amount of paperwork it entails. Balancing the client’s need to comply with local laws regarding taxes, social security and immigration with the candidate’s desire to take home the maximum amount of their income can be difficult. This can take precious time away from your work and makes recruitment in Peru seem like more stress than it’s worth. If your clients need extra software developers, business analysts, telecommunications contractors, IT project managers or oil and gas workers, then we can help you make placements quickly and easily.

Contractor Management Company in Peru

A contractor management company, otherwise known as an umbrella company, can save you heaps of time on administration and ensure that contractors comply with local tax law. These companies handle invoicing and payroll for the contractor and deduct taxes, social security and other fees for you. Recruiters can use them to outsource the payroll and administrative duties associated with managing contractors, and to ensure they still comply with the tax law. If you’re in the field of recruitment in Peru, many contractor management companies should be able to lighten your work load.

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Benefits for Recruitment in Peru

The main benefit to recruiters of using a contractor management company in Peru is that it removes any tedious admin associated with recruiting contractors. The companies are experts in local tax law, and can ensure that the contractor gets the largest proportion of their pay check which is allowed. Payments are made to the contractor on the same day the company receives them, and you’re provided with payslips and tax receipts for your records. Recruitment agencies in Peru can save valuable time by letting the umbrella company handle the tax calculations and payments, giving you more time to focus on the next deal. The company send you an invoice for the amount you have to pay the contractor.

An additional benefit of using an umbrella company for placements in Peru is that they may be able to sponsor the contractor’s work permit. Most countries only allow contractors to enter for work if they are being sponsored by a native employer, and this can mean extra paperwork if you are placing candidates in Peru. Umbrella companies technically serve as the contractor’s employer, so more established companies can even sponsor the worker’s permit. This saves you not only time, but responsibility for the employee’s stay in the country.

How We Help With Candidate Placements in Peru

We have a thorough database containing the details for every contractor management company in Peru. Our in-depth knowledge of the specific offerings and services of each company ensures that we know the best company for your needs. Different umbrella companies have varying clientele, offer services others don’t and have a range of payment structures. Our expertise can help you navigate the maze of possibilities and find the right umbrella company for your contractors.

We pride ourselves on our professionalism, customer care and knowledge of contracting in Peru. You can get in touch with us if you have any questions on the options available to recruiters, or if you have any questions about umbrella companies in general. We respond promptly to any enquiries, give well-informed advice in easily understandable language and are completely reliable. We also do all of this for free, so there is no risk involved in getting in touch and seeing what we can offer you, your clients and your contractors.

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