New PDF release: 129 Xe Relaxation and Rabi Oscillations

By Mark E. Limes

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This thesis describes longitudinal nuclear rest measurements of sturdy 129Xe close to seventy seven ok with formerly unimaginable reproducibility, and demonstrates adjustments in rest, established upon the best way the cast is condensed. those effects are without delay acceptable to the new release and garage of enormous amounts of hyperpolarized 129Xe for varied functions, equivalent to lung magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). The thesis contains a subtle theoretical method of those information units, together with differences to a well-established Raman-phonon scattering idea which may clarify the bigger scatter in and discrepancies with past work.

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Extra info for 129 Xe Relaxation and Rabi Oscillations

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Unless otherwise specified, the standard flow rate for the He, N2 , and Xe gases are 1000, 500, and 10 standard cubic centimeters per min (sccm), respectively; flow rates are controlled by three AALborg GFC Mass Flow Controllers (MFC’s, models GFCS-011401, FGCS-010549, SKUW-183460). The flow-through polarizer is operated at a total system pressure of roughly 1 psig to prevent any atmospheric leaks. The gas mixture flows through a SAES PureGas purifier (Part number FT400-902) to an optical-pumping cell containing 2 g of Rb (designed by Geoff Schrank [114] and fabricated by University of Utah glass blower Kevin Teaford), which sits inside of an oven that is kept at 140 ◦ C.

From this, the Kr-Xe cell is thought to make larger grain sizes than the He-Xe cell. 2 K by Lang et al. from Ottawa, Canada was published in 2002 [89]. The Ottawa group was unable to attain the long T1 results produced by the Princeton group. The results presented are very inconsistent within themselves, but the paper does reinforce how crystal formation has a tremendous effect on the 129 Xe relaxation times. The sample is prepared in two ways: a flowthrough set-up where hyperpolarized xenon is frozen out of a gas mixture, or a static set-up where hyperpolarized xenon is produced in a sealed cell and subsequently frozen.

33 ± 10 min. (As shown in Sect. 66 min. All other obtained solid 129 Xe T1 values are plotted in two figures contained in the paper and a compilation of values is also listed in Michael Gatzke’s dissertation [81]; values relevant to this thesis are plotted in Fig. 2. A calculation by Abragam and Goldman gives a relaxation rate due to very small concentrations (NS /NI 1) of impurities in a lattice [85], T1e 8π S(S + 1) NS 1 = ∝ NI . 2 History of the Problem 21 Fig. 2 A compilation of temperature-dependent solid 129 Xe T1 values is shown.

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129 Xe Relaxation and Rabi Oscillations by Mark E. Limes

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