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You can either leave him with a couple of toys or have your kids roll him the ball and generally engage him in some more activity. Give him a drink of water because you will have to stop his water intake at 6 pm. Remember to take the puppy out to the elimination spot after an hour, as this would minimize the chances for accidents. S Su up pp peerrttiim mee!! 30 pm and this time let him sit for it! Command him to sit by holding up a piece of his meal. He’s practiced the command and you can test his response periodically by blending in the commands with the normal pace of life.

Your dog needs to see the collar and leash as something he should be proud of. Leave the collar and leash on and let him trail it around for a while. If he seems scared, reassure him and let him have a feel of the leash and collar. Let him sniff at it and explore it a bit more. Keep him in the vicinity of the crate and let him patter around the area but do not allow him to enter the crate with a leash on for fear of it getting stuck somewhere. Generally, just let the dog get used to his new ‘gift’.

41 T Trriip p tto o tth hee p po ottttyy ssp po ott It’s back to the elimination area after 7 to 10 minutes after this meal. And again after 30 minutes so that the dog can clear out his bowels before he turns in for the night. Make sure that you take him out the very same way and use the very same commands. If you have been doing that, by now the dog must have registered that these words mean a trip to the potty place. After he has eliminated, walk him around the house if you live in an apartment or around the garden.

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