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Crucial job of the analytical chemist, apart from the purchase of experimental info, is the coordination and interpretation of such information by way of the qualitative and quantitative composition of the attempt substance. As within the previous story of the blind males and the elephant, a unmarried commentary or attempt, now not thought of along side others, could lead to thoroughly faulty conclusions.

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2 is the most common. Molecules have different shapes and symmetries and so any basis functions used to expand the molecular orbitals can not be so general. It is easy to guess 1 a limiting form for the MO s in the region of each atom: the molecular orbitals must pass over into atomic orbitals close to each nucleus. What better form for the approximate MO ! s, on both mathematical and chemical grounds, than a Linear Combination of Atomic Orbitals (LCAO) - a linear combination of the orbitals of the constituent atoms of the molecule?

R)$(s) is written φ.. A bar over a spatial orbital signifies that the occupying electron has 3 spin and no bar means a spin. Unless they are required for emphasis, the appearances of the explicit variables of the electrons - r. and x. - are also suppressed. There is little danger of confusion over the two possible meanings of φ. - a spatial orbital and an a spin spin-orbital - since, in practice, the spin-orbital form usually only appears in a determinant. 1) becomes f = deti+j Φ\ Φ 2 Φ 2 ... 5)).

K ... 10) have been collected into the matrix GJ the "total electron interaction matrix1' of Roothaan: Gk = m I r,s=l {[2(k£,rs)-(kr,*s)] = m I r,s=l {2(k*,rs)-(kr,*s)} n/2 ... 13) ( C C )rs The integrals involving the basis functions χ. and the electron repulsion operator g(1,2) have been abbreviated to (ki,,rs) where (U,rs) = fdr 1 fdr 2 x k (r 1 ) Xjl (r 1 )è(l,2)x r (r 2 )x s (r 2 ) The matrix H i s u s u a l l y r e f e r r e d t o as t h e Hamiltonian matrix one-electron and t h e b a s i s f u n c t i o n i n t e g r a l s as the electron repulsion two-electron integrals.

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