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By AG Sykes

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Advances in Inorganic Chemistry offers well timed and informative summaries of the present development in quite a few topic components inside of inorganic chemistry, starting from bioinorganic to sturdy kingdom. This acclaimed serial beneficial properties reports written by way of specialists within the quarter and is an quintessential connection with complicated researchers. every one quantity of Advances in Inorganic Chemistry includes an index, and every bankruptcy is absolutely referenced.

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0 7 V (vs. ferrocene/ferrocenium). A fourth reduction is irreversible at 285 K, but becomes quasireversible at lower temperatures. Coulometry is not reported, so it is not clear whether these are one- or two-electron reductions. An octanuclear Fe(III) compound, [Fe804(OCH2CCMe3)2(O2CPh)14 (HOCH2 CCMe3)2] (152) with an iron-oxo core based on an edge-sharing bitetrahedron, has recently been reported, bridged by oxide, alkoxide, and carboxylate ligands. The cage was made by reaction of the oxocentered iron benzoate triangle with neopentanol in toluene.

The structure of [Mns(L3)s(HOPr)4](102). (Shading as Fig. ) HIGH-NUCLEARITY 3d-METAL COMPLEXES 37 reaction of Na(OEt), Sb(OEt)3, and MnC12 in toluene. The oxides are all t~5-bridging, while both ~3- and ~2-ethoxides are present. Three Mn(II) sites are six-coordinate with distorted octahedral geometries, and two are five-coordinate with square-pyramidal geometries. The overall structure is perhaps best described as two {Mn6Sb2} square antiprisms sharing a square face. The nonanuclear cage [Mn904(O2CPh)s(sal)4(salH)u(py)4] (36) (salH2 -- salicylic acid) (104) contains fragments that can be recognized as tetranuclear butterflies; however, the synthesis is from the reaction of the oxo-centered triangle [Mn30(O2CPh)6(py)2(H20)] with salicylic acid in MeCN.

The terminal groups are methoxides or acetates, without the naked oxygen centers typical of the vanadium HIGH-NUCLEARITY3d~METALCOMPLEXES 59 cages. The four Fe(III) sites are assigned as the four metal sites trans to the shared edge of a decametallate core. Magnetic studies show t h a t 68 has a diamagnetic ground state. A mixed-valent heptadecanuclear iron cage has also been reported by this group, as part of a series of general formula [Fe16MOlo(OH)1o (OuCPh)2o] (M = Fe, Mn or Co) (160); the cage with M = Fe(II) is shown in Fig.

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