Contracting in Portugal

Contractors looking for jobs in Portugal need to complete a whole range of administrative duties to be legally allowed to complete work in the country. You always have to pay tax for a contract in Portugal, and calculating your payments and complying with local law can be difficult if you are new to the country. Contractors from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) will also have to be sponsored by employers for work permits in Portugal. We can help contractors in software development, IT project management, oil and gas work, business analysis, telecommunications and various other fields with these issues by finding them an umbrella company.

Taking Jobs in Portugal

If you are a contractor hoping to take some jobs in Portugal, you will need two things. If you are from inside the EEA, you will undoubtedly need some advice on taxes and how they are calculated and paid. There is a possibility you will be able to pay tax for a contract in Portugal in your home country, and you should be aware of how this is done before you commence work. Alternatively, you will have to understand the tax system in Portugal and how to pay the taxes you owe.

Contractors from outside the EEA also have to obtain work permits in Portugal if they want to work. This is done by finding an employer who is willing to “sponsor” your work permit, meaning that they are responsible for your presence in the country. In practice, this means that if you change employers, you will also have to alter your work permit to match. For contractors, this can mean a lot of administrative work, because you are likely to change employer frequently.

It is also possible to use work permits from the UK for contracting in Portugal. Your country of origin doesn’t matter; if you have been offered a contract in Portugal, then we can help you with your taxes and gaining a work permit. We do this through our detailed database of umbrella companies.

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How Umbrella Companies Help With Contracting in Portugal

The main issues with contracting in Portugal can be handled by an umbrella company. These companies are otherwise known as contractor management companies, and they do just that. They technically serve as your employer, collecting payments from your clients, calculating and paying your tax, social security and any other fees, and then paying you the remainder. Some of them are also able to sponsor work permits.

Umbrella companies understand the local tax system, along with all of the associated rules and regulations. In terms of earnings, one of the biggest benefits of using an umbrella company is the comparatively large proportion of your money you get to keep. They are experts in the tax system, so they can help you ensure you keep the most money possible whilst still complying with local laws. You will be paid for your Portugal contract work after you submit your timesheet to the umbrella company, who send the funds to you - minus any taxes and fees - on the day they receive it. All you have to do is tell them how much you’ve worked, and you get your wages along with some pay slips and receipts for your files.

For non-EEA contractors, umbrella companies can also help obtain work permits in Portugal. This is because you will technically be employed by them, which makes them eligible to sponsor you. Not all umbrella companies offer this service, but the larger, more established companies can. If you are sponsored by an umbrella company you get additional flexibility because you won’t need to change sponsors when your end client changes. This is a vital life-line for contractors, because it gives you a stable sponsor and lets you concentrate on your work.

How We Help With Jobs in Portugal

If you’re looking to set up as an independent contractor and find jobs in Portugal, we can set you up with a suitable umbrella company. Although you are technically employed by them, you can act as an independent contractor, giving you the freedom to choose assignments, manage your own workload and change clients without the associated administrative work. An umbrella company handles the tedious paperwork and frees up more of your time to focus on your workload or finding new clients.

We have an in-depth knowledge of the different umbrella companies in Portugal, and if you get in touch with us and describe your circumstances, we can suggest suitable options for you. There are so many different umbrella companies available, even choosing one can take up a lot of time. Our experts have a thorough knowledge, and give reliable and easily understandable advice. Whether you’re worried about the tax for a contract in Portugal or the rules regarding work permits in Portugal, we can point you in the right direction.

Get in touch with us if you need help choosing an umbrella company or any other advice relating to contracting in Portugal. We aim to respond promptly to any and all enquiries, and love to help contractors get the best deal they can. The best part of the deal is that we do all this at no cost to you whatsoever.

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