Finding and choosing the right Umbrella Company in Bangladesh can be a challenge. We have put together a guide for Contractors and Recruiters covering how Contractor Management Companies can help make contracting in Bangladesh simpler.

For contractors we have information on Contracting in Bangladesh and a wealth of information on using Umbrella Companies in Bangladesh including an explanation of how to choose an Umbrella Company in Bangladesh and a comparison to using an Umbrella Company vs Ltd Company in Bangladesh. We also have basic guidelines for how to work in Bangladesh and how to get a Work Permit in Bangladesh.

For Recruiters we have information on Placing Candidates in Bangladesh and a guide to Payrolling Contractors in Bangladesh as well as Contractor Management Services in Bangladesh.

This site is designed to help contractors and recruiters making contract placements so we don't have much information for people seeking permanent work or recruiters making permanent placements in Bangladesh. Although you might get some help from this page about How to Work in Bangladesh.

If you have any other questions about Umbrella Companies in Bangladesh you can always contact us for more information.